What Sets Us Apart



Small or large, each travel event has a unique dynamic. ETS will work with you to develop program elements that dovetail with your objectives and style.

The pleasures of traveling to new places include eating new foods and experiencing new cultures. Dine-arounds, live entertainment, and sightseeing components enliven the group travel experience and enrich the participants. You’ll find us at the leading edge of discovering interesting, off-the-beaten-track venues to make your special event truly unique.

At ETS we also make the effort to respect sustainability throughout each stage of your event and travel plans.

We love to make wonderful things happen.



Our services are tailored to your needs and budget specifications. Your big meeting requires a major hotel chain with conference facilities for thousands of people? Or perhaps a boutique hotel is more appropriate for a smaller leisure group and a more intimate setting?

ETS can serve as your travel management partner to coordinate the entire event, from conception to completion. Whatever your budget, you’ll find that we’re an agile and eager partner.

Just say the word, and we’re on it.


With decades of industry experience under our belts and an established worldwide network of suppliers and partners, clients are assured an efficient, glitch-free group travel experience from start to finish.

We’ve got our finger on the pulse of the industry. We know which hotels will be refurbishing, whose catering facilities are top-notch, how local traffic patterns affect ground transfers, who’s got the best multi-media equipment and technical staff.

And we’re always prepared to jump in at any point to ensure great results at every stage of your event.

We’ve got it under control.