Management Team

Robert Santamaria, Co-Founder and President

A co-founder of the company, Mr. Santamaria serves as its President, overseeing all the operations of Event Travel Services.

Former President of the Receptive Services Association of America, (now known as International Inbound Travel Association) Mr. Santamaria, has accumulated nearly 30 years’ experience in the travel industry. Before launching ETS, he founded and served as President of Express Travel Services, Inc., a supplier of corporate and business travel documentation.

Among other notable achievements, Mr. Santamaria was involved in organizing the Global Committee of Parliamentarians conference in Moscow (1990), Kyoto (1993), and in Konya (1995). In 2005, he was responsible for executing aspects of the Columbus Foundation¹s Columbus Day festivities and Parade (New York). Prior to his experience in the travel industry, he was Managing Director of Ventana, an international freight forwarding company and subsidiary of FIAT SpA.

He is fluent in Italian, his mother tongue, as well as in Spanish and French.

Pia Jayatilake, Vice President

A native of Stockholm with twenty years’ experience in the travel industry, Mrs. Pia Jayatilake joined ETS in 2005. As Vice President, she is responsible for the development and management of the Scandinavian market.

Mrs. Jayatilake earned her IATA Certification from TRAC Travel Academy. She held various positions at Nyman & Schultz/American Express before coming to New York in 1998, where she developed further expertise in receptive services.

Mrs. Jayatilake has been active in organizing and participating in various high-profile projects in the United States, Canada, South America, and Europe. She has been involved in the complex operational aspects of the Volvo Ocean Race (2005/06), the Astra Tech World Conference in 2006, the DDW (Digestive Disease Week) yearly conferences, the APA (American Psychological Association), AHA (American Heart Association), and ACC (American College of Cardiology), among others. Mrs. Jayatilake has also been responsible for coordinating the WCC (World Congress of Cardiology) in Montreal in 2005, and in Buenos Aires in 2008.

Mrs. Jayatilake is fluent in all Scandinavian languages.

Thomas Gran (1958-2009), Co-Founder